NZ Made

COVID-19’s post-lockdown disruption of business activities is an immediate and serious concern that deserves the attention of manufacturers, engineers and trades across a wide range of industries.

The virus exposed the weaknesses of a supply chain that’s overwhelmingly dependent on products sourced from overseas, with supplies of critical parts abruptly cut-off and even now, as factories come back online, subject to delays.

Before the pandemic, it was the accepted industry norm to focus on sourcing cheaper products from production facilities in places like China, but with an enforced break in that relationship, companies in New Zealand are increasingly looking at product supply from a broader perspective.

Under this analysis, the benefit of dealing with a trusted partner that’s close to your manufacturing facilities, your product development teams and your markets is undeniable.

  • Quality assurance you can depend on
  • Trusted testing protocols and materials specification
  • A responsive service that’s genuinely collaborative
  • Significantly reduced supply timeframes and the advantages of just-in-time manufacturing
  • The convenience of dealing with people using a common language, culture and time zone
  • Trusted business practices
  • The confidence of dealing directly with the manufacturer; no middle-man, or unnecessary extra costs
  • Options to pursue a more agile business model, with reduced requirement to forward-order large quantities and stockpile components

We are the skilled and resourced production and supply partner for your business. Our long-term relationships with customers in manufacturing, construction, leisure and a wide range of other industries are testament to the value and competitive advantage we provide.

You can trust our New Zealand designed, made and supported products. Whether you want to take advantage of our innovative thinking and world class skills in design development, or you are looking for a production partner for a one-off component or a production run in the 1000’s.