Warrior predator trap in closed position

Predator Traps

Our predator traps are helping to make New Zealand predator free. Give us a call today to discuss your trapping needs.
BT200 Traps

National Springs BT 200 predator traps are a fantastic copy of the NAWAC tested Doc 200 trap, they come in both Zinc Plated and Full Stainless options. Zinc plated are fitted with stainless steel springs & bait plates and a zinc plated steel frame. The Full Stainless option is for use in coastal areas where exposure to sea air can cause corrosion issues.

Warrior Kill Traps
The Warrior Trap is a humane kill trap that meets the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee Guidelines. The trap is compact and lightweight at only 850grms making it easy to carry into the most dense bush areas.
Setting Safety Protection
It is recommended that safety bars are used when setting your traps. We can supply you with the necessary safety bars to make setting your traps easy and safe.

Predator Traps

                            Lets make New Zealand                           Predator Free!

BT 200 Traps

  New Zealand Predator Free one Trap at a Time!

Warrior Trap

Together we can make                                New Zealand Totally                         Predator Free!

BT 200 Traps

A fantastic copy of the NAWAC            tested Doc 200 trap