A spring for every requirement

Need a hard-to-find spring replicated, or are you looking for a custom solution? We have the answer, from industrial and manufacturing applications to apparatus that demands ultra-fine tolerances. Every spring is produced to your exact specification using Computer controlled (CNC) technology.  If you want to buy compressions springs, tension or torsion springs, contact National Springs & Wire Products.


"We often see underperforming products, such as a spring that can’t meet the production speeds a client wants. Getting a solution that runs faster and performs more accurately, consistently is a great outcome. You really feel you are adding value."

Jacobus Thompson

Leading Spring Maker/ Wire Form Technician

Wire diameter range

Stainless Steel

0.20 and above


0.63 and above

Hard Bright

0.315 and above

Mild Steel

0.315 and above

A wide range of coatings

We can supply springs with a wide range of coatings, including zinc plating, powder coating, painting, hot-dip galvanising and more.

Have a spring form challenge?

We will find the solution.