Why do garage door springs break?

Three Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

In a spring-loaded garage door, it’s the spring that does most the hard work. It’s the spring that enables you to lift it up without feeling like you’re having to shift the door’s entire weight, and it’s the spring that...

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buying compression springs

Your Guide to Buying Compression Springs

What is a Compression Spring? When most people think of a spring, a compression spring will come to mind. They are the most common type of spring and are manufactured from a single piece of metal that is coiled into...

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Types of coil springs

Four Types of Coil Springs

Types of Springs There are two types of springs, coil springs and non-coil springs. The meanings are quite obvious due to the names. Non-coil springs are not coiled in the way we usually think of a spring. Perhaps the best...

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